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You can register yourself for one of our diving activities today using our online registration form. Please fill in at least all fields with bold labels and select the desired activities. You will get a confirmation of your registration via e-mail.
You need no pre reservation for our trekking, Nordic-Walking, surfing, skin diving and swimming activities. Please just visit us in our office after your arrival.

Hereby I register for the following activities:
Activity start date
Try dive
Bubblemaker 8-12 years (45 Euro)
Scuba Dive Atlantic Ocean (90 Euro)
NAUI diving courses
NAUI Passport (170 Euro)
NAUI Scubadiver (340 Euro)
NAUI Advanced Scubadiver (280 Euro)
Other NAUI courses:
     (Please ask for the price prior reservation)
CMAS diving courses
CMAS Basic Diver (220 Euro)
CMAS Junior * (195 Euro)
CMAS Bronze * (369 Euro)
CMAS Silver (350 Euro)
Other CMAS courses:
     (Please ask for the price prior reservation)
Dives (see price list)

Personal information
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Vacation information
Date of arrival
Date of departure

Prior diving experience
Brevet and Dive Association
Issue date
Number of dives in log book
Date of Last dive
Date med. examination

Additional information
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